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SAFEGUARD - Coronavirus Investment Strategy




Protect Your Investments

Our SafeGuard™ investment strategy is designed to maximise protection under the Government’s Financial Services Compensation Scheme, and benefit from future market corrections.


Doing nothing is not an option! 

Complete your details and instantly download information on our SafeGuard™ Portfolio.

Learn more about our investment strategy to help investors during these unprecedented times as a result of the global ‘Coronavirus pandemic’.


  • Overview of the SafeGuard portfolio & funds.
  • How to maximise protection under FSCS.
  • Portfolio strategy for growth and recovery.
  • Information on future risk based portfolios.

Government Protection

In light of the coronavirus pandemic our Investment Committee developed SafeGuard™, a specific portfolio that offers clients a safe strategy to preserve capital value, and benefit from future market corrections.

Under the Government's Financial Services compensation Scheme, SafeGuard™, aims to maximise protection


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