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Grade Your Portfolio

“Through advice and factual information we empower investors with a deeper understanding of investments and their relevant performance.”

The Story Behind Our Story

Educating Investors

100’s of new investors analyse their portfolio with Yodelar each week. A significant proportion of investors find that a proportion of their wealth is invested in funds that rank in the worst 25% of funds in their sector, performing worse than 75% of other same sector funds.

Most investors who pay for advice assume their adviser has adequate fund knowledge, but in the majority of cases, this is not the case. Advice firms are not required to know or understand fund ranking or fund performance.

Helping Investors

Since 2014 we have been educating consumer investors via information on fund ranking and performance. As a consumer champion, we have been empowering investors with information and analysis that is factual and easy to understand.

We have referred many investors to research-driven advice firms who were unhappy with previous advice highlighted by their portfolio analysis,

We continue to support over 40,000 better-informed investors.

The History behind an Investor Champion

Our services have developed over the years to provide consumer investors with relevant and factual fund performance information, information that was generally difficult for investors to access.

We have been ranking the performance of over 70,000 investment funds every month since 2014. We continue to identify the more efficient, better performing funds and fund managers, assessing each to their same sector peers.

Today we provide information and advice services to over 40,000 medium to high net worth investors in the UK. Self -investors use our fund research platform Investor Hub™ and free mobile applications to assess fund manager and fund performance. Advice orientated investors use our fully regulated whole of market advisory services to invest and plan efficiently.

With an increasing demand for our information and later our advice service we raised inward investment as a private company in 2017. We rebranded as Yodelar.com shortly after we launched our own FCA regulated advice firm called Yodelar Investments (Yodelar Investments Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, no. 810056).

Our research team, analyse, assess and rank each fund within their relevant sector on a continuous basis identifying which funds perform well and which funds perform poorly. We are completely independent and have no ties to any fund management brands. We are truly consumer investor focused.

Our star rating algorithm continues to rate funds between 1 & 5 stars. Our rating system is designed to highlight fund managers that consistently perform well within their sector.

We report to our Advice Clients every 6 months to demonstrate how the funds we recommend to them are performing in relation to all other same sector funds. We want our advice clients to know we are doing all we can to ensure they are invested as efficiently as possible.

The Architecture of Efficient Investing


Initially branded ukmoneysite.com our dedicated team started analysing over 70,000 investment funds and their variants every month identifying the most efficient and poorest performing funds for consumer investors. Our dedicated team of research analysts provide investors with a monthly report detailing the ranking and performance of their specific funds within the relevant sectors.


We continue to produce our Top Funds Report on a monthly basis for our information and advice clients. Click Here to download the latest top funds report


With 14,000 subscribers including consumer investors and industry participants, we launched our monthly investor magazine, the first investor magazine to include detailed fund manager performance reviews, top fund tables, fund manager league tables, and sector specific analysis, identifying the most and least productive fund managers and brands. 


Click Here to download for free the latest Yodelar Investor Magazine


By 2017 our subscriber base has grown to in excess of 30,000 consumer investors subscribed to receive regular performance updates. Our performance analysis and information is regarded as consumer focused, transparent and educational. We are now attracting 1,000’s of new visitors every day due to popularity of our research and reports. Consumer investors have not been exposed to this level of information to date.


With the increasing demand for our information service, technology and later our advice service we raised inward investment as a private company in late 2017 and rebranded as Yodelar.com. We launched our mobile app allowing investors to assess fund information and portfolio analysis on the go. We launched our research dashboard allowing investors to filter funds according to performance and 1 to a 5-star rating. Shortly after we launched our own FCA regulated advice firm Yodelar Investments.


Click here for further information on our fully regulated independent advice service


As a research driven company we promote knowledge, transparancy and efficiency. Self investor clients can access our research tools, investor magazines, top fund tables, fund manager reviews, fund manager league tables and top fund filters online, and can trial all our features for free for 7 days, with no commitment.

Investment clients can access our dedicated and fully regulated advice team and Yodelar Investment portfolios, through which we deliver a competitive and efficient investment/advice service.

Our research team and Investment Committee analyse, assess and rank each fund within their relevant sector on a monthly basis identifying which funds perform well. We are completely independent and have no ties to any fund management brands. We are truly consumer-focused and hold consumer value at the core of our proposition.

Our star rating algorithm continues to rate funds between 1 & 5 stars. Funds that are able to maintain a consistent top quartile (top 25%) position within their specific sector, continue to receive a 5-star rating.

Investor Hub

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