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Grade Your Portfolio

“Our vision is to empower investors with the factual information they deserve to make informed decisions". William Deery (CEO)

The Story Behind Our Story

Part Evolution

100’s of new investors analyse their portfolio with Yodelar each week. A significant amount finds that a proportion of their wealth is invested in funds that class within the worst 25% of funds in their sector for performance.

Most investors who pay for advice assume their adviser has such knowledge, but in the majority of cases, this is not the case. Advice firms are not required to know or understand fund ranking or fund performance.

Part Revolution

Since 2014 we have been educating consumer investors via information on fund ranking and performance. As a consumer champion, we have been empowering investors with information and analysis that is factual and easy to understand.

We have referred many investors to research-driven advice firms who were unhappy with previous advice highlighted by their portfolio analysis,

We continue to support over 30,000 better-informed investors.

The History behind an Investor Champion

Our CEO & Founder was an investor most of his working life, but (like so many investors) did not pay much attention. In 2008 William decided to dedicate time into understanding the workings of the industry, investment funds and various fund managers. His research helped him develop a clear understanding of which fund managers were pretending to perform well, which actually performed consistently better, and those who continually performed worse. Since then he has managed a very successful portfolio based on fund knowledge and research.

In 2014 Willliam and a small team launched Yodelar with the core aim of distributing research to investors who wanted to improve their existing knowledge of fund performance, or for those who were unhappy or unsure of the fund recommendations from their current investment adviser.

Between 2014 and 2016 Yodelar attracted 1,000’s of investors, and during that two year period, we grew to a community of 22,000 + investors. Quality advice firms began to appreciate our research as trustworthy and independent, and many continued to use our data to build and maintain robust and efficient client portfolios.

Our CFO, Roy Devine, formally joined in 2017 after one year of strategy consulting with William and the growing team. As an investor and entrepreneur, our new CFO was instrumental in raising our first significant round of funding, as well as attracting media coverage from some of the worlds most followed business brands such as Business Insider.

In 2018, we launched our new platform allowing investors to grade and assess their portfolio, and filter top performing funds in 100’s of sectors. We also produce a 100 + page Investor Magazine each month, which is focused on better-informing investors. Yodelar research is easy to understand, and we continue to provide the best fund research available for consumer investors and savvy professionals.

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Our Management Team

Roy Devine (CFO)

A stickler for detail Roy’s motto is “if its worth doing - do it right”. An experienced director and a finance professional, he has helped to create, build and sell a number of enterprises, and is extremely excited about Yodelar and what its future may hold.

William Deery (Chief Executive Officer)

Property developer, playwright, author and entrepreneur William has a unique creative side that seeks opportunity for himself and others. William manages the team at Yodelar to create value for customers and shareholders alike.

Jennifer Cassidy (Head of Operations)

If it isn’t a process, it is of no interest to Jennifer. Processes, delivery and assessment are crucial to driving the delivery of Yodelar. Jennifer is responsible for managing various teams of various disciplines to ensure the business meets targets and delivers value.

Team Work Always!

We are an agile process-driven business. Everything happens for a reason with an end goal in mind. From research to content, customer services to delivery, we want our customer experience to be unique, and the best it can be. If you want to be part of the Yodelar team, visit our careers page to explore current opportunities.

Research & Content

In this information age content is everything, from good research, comes great content. Join a team that delivers the best content to savvy investors who want to appreciate, understand, and access content that matters.

Engineering & Design

Database management, web design, sales and marketing alignment, mobile apps, content strategies, inbound marketing and much more. Join small and personal teams that deliver big!

Customer Experience

Join a team who understand that excellent customer experience creates an excellent future for all. Every user has different needs and expectations. Our customer experience team deliver to meet individual needs.


FREE Portfolio Analysis

Submit your portfolio for a complimentary analysis. Our new business team will analyse each fund you are invested in, identify how each fund is ranked within its sector and provide a detailed performance analysis on your complete portfolio. It all starts here, and it all starts free.

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  • Performance rating of your funds (1-5 star)
  • The growth & sector ranking of each fund's (1,3 & 5 yrs)
  • Overall growth comparison of your portfolio with a similar risk Top performing portfolio

Monthly Top Fund Reports

With over 70,000 funds and variants across five fund universes, our top fund reports and fund manager league tables help investors quickly identify the funds and fund managers that consistently perform better than their peers.

Learn more
  • Details 1,3 & 5 yr Performance of more than 3,000 funds
  • Fund Ranking of each fund within their sector
  • 1-5 star performance rating applied to each

Top Performing Portfolios

Access 6 risk-based portfolios researched and developed by our in-house research team. Includes hand-picked funds that have consistently outperformed all other same sector funds.

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  • 6 portfolio’s for different risk profiles
  • Exact fund names and percentage invested in each
  • The growth of each portfolio over 1, 3 & 5 yrs

Yodelar Investor Magazine

Access up-to-date fund manager reviews and fund manager league tables, best performing fund reports, top portfolio reports, and much more every month as part of the Yodelar Subscription. Subscribe today and get instant access to all for £1.

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  • Fund manager league tables & fund manager reviews
  • Fund performance tables on all funds
  • 1-5 star performance rating applied to each fund according to sector

Fund Manager Reviews

Get instant access to detailed fund information, charges, performance and ranking statistics for your favourite fund managers. Find out which fund managers are performing better producing better value for investors. Access over 100 fund manager reviews.

Learn more
  • Analyse the fund performance of your fund manager
  • Performance and sector ratings over 1,3 & 5 yr periods.
  • Identify their top, mediocre & Poor performing funds