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Access The Reseach Team’s Top Performing Portfolios

Updated every month for performance, our research team monitor 6 risk-based portfolios of the top fund managers, and provide this in the Yodelar Investor Magazine.

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  • Top quartile funds over 1,3 & 5 years
  • Highest ranked fund managers
  • Funds that have consistent top performance.

“Yodelar’s example portfolios are an excellent way of training the eye what to look for - an excellent service overall” Mr Palister (Devon)

Our model portfolios demonstrate how you can achieve much more effective returns as an investor if you educate yourself to understand which funds area poor performing and whicg fund managers are consistently top performing within their relevant investment sector.

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Compare Your Portfolio To A Top Performing Portfolio

As part of your portfolio analysis, we will compare the performance and volatility of your portfolio to the performance of a top performing portfolio. Compare your portfolio and access our top performing portfolio Report.

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  • Overall Portfolio Analysis (1,3 & 5 yrs)
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