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Why Invest With Yodelar?

Our research team analyse the performance of 70,000+ investment funds every month. Ask our team for a copy of our recent analysis.
Value is core to our Investment philosophy which is why our management fees are among the lowest in the UK.

Talk to our team about the performance and composition of our core portfolios and our ethical ESG portfolios. Book a call below.

Important Information - The value of investments referred to on this website can go down as well as up and you may lose some or all the capital you invest. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. The information on this website is not a personal recommendation. If you are in doubt about any investment, you should consult a FCA-authorised investment firm such as Yodelar Investments. Click here to book a no obligation call with our regulated advice team.

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What Is included In Our Service 

  • Get a free performance analysis on your existing investments (time frame 24 hours). This is a complimentary / no-obligation service that allows investors to identify how efficient their exiting portfolio really is.
  • We will provide a detailed assessment of your circumstances/investments and build a full recommendation report and financial planning report, including investment recommendations.
  • We will provide you a full analysis of your portfolio showing the ranking and performance of each fund you are invested in every 3 months - allowing you to know you are invested efficiently.
  • A complete risk assessment of your portfolio, and a rebalance of the asset classes and funds to ensure your continue to invest in line with your specific risk profile (every 6 months).
  • A complete annual review assessing the performance of your investments, your overall financial plan, and future cash flow projections. We offer a full financial planning service.
  • You will receive complimentary access to our Investor Hub research platform (normally priced at £495 per annum), our monthly magazine, our monthly Top Funds report, fund manager reviews and market updates.
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  • Assess your existing portfolio performance
  • Compare your performance and growth to ours
  • Receive a bespoke financial planning report
  • Discuss your financial objectives with our team
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Please note: Once we receive your portfolio we will complete our analysis and make contact with you, normally within 24 hours to discuss how we can help improve your investments.

Discuss Your Needs with Our Team

Book a no obligation call with our advice team and find out more about our performance and charges and how we can help you invest more efficiently.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Yodelar Investments offer a full advice service?

Yodelar Invesments is authorised and regulated by the FCA offering UK based retail clients (personal & corporate) a whole of market and independent financial advice service. We offer a full advice service and will advise clients after discussing your needs, attitude to risk and objectives.

What are the costs of investing with Yodelar Investments?

We have a transparent and set fee structure. There are 2 main costs in using our services.


(1) Our initial fee covers the initial research and recommendation stage, during which your assigned adviser will discuss your needs and preferences and build a full financial planning and recommendation report to include the recommended portfolio of funds etc. We charge 2% of the investment value, but we cap the cost at £5,000. This also covers the transfer of investments from existing providers to our recommended provider.


(2) Our next cost is our ongoing advice fee. This covers 2 reviews and rebalances per annum, quarterly updates on your portfolio, as well as ongoing service and administration. Our ongoing fee is 0.75% per annum.


Please note: we offer all new clients a no obligation and free portfolio analysis to identify if you are invested in poor, mediocre or top performing funds. Click here for more information.

What risks are involved in investing with Yodelar Investments?

As a regulated advice firm, Yodelar Investments are not permitted to hold client monies. This is the same for all advice firms under UK regulation.


We will advise you where to place your funds within the relevant wrappers (pension/Sipp/ ISA/ Investment account) within a custodian platform. We will be the servicing agent of your accounts, and you will be the owner of your accounts. We can make changes to the fund selection etc, and carry out administration on your behalf. Once funds are live on the recommended platform, we will then allocate them to the recommended investment funds. These fund managers are then responsible for the performance of your investment. Normal investment risks apply.

Will I have my own dedicated adviser?

Yes, you will be assigned one of our internal advisers who will be your main point of contact. all our advisers are Diploma qualified and regulated by the FCA.


Our advisers are employed and not remunerated or bonused by the value of investments you bring to Yodelar Investments or the value of fees you generate.


Our advisers are assessed on the quality of their advice. Aside from your allocated adviser, you will also be assigned a client services manager who will also help assist you in your customer journey.

What is included in the ongoing service?

Once you are invested as a client of Yodelar Investments, you will have one comprehensive financial planning and investment review per annum. During this review we will assess your attitude to risk, rebalance your portfolio to meet the required asset allocation model, discuss any change of circumstances, recap on your objectives, and advise accordingly. We will also write to you quarterly and inform you how the funds you are invested in rank within their relevant sectors. The ongoing fee covers the cost of your ongoing service.


You can also arrange a call with your allocated adviser anytime throughout the year.

Do I have to invest my entire portfolio with Yodelar Investments?

The majority of clients do move their entire portfolio to our advice team. However, clients can move a proportion of their portfolio to us and keep a proportion with their existing provider/advice firm.

When clients do this we will set them up a performance analysis link up so they can continue to assess the quality of our recommended portfolio versus another provider.


This is an excellent way to compare results over time.
What is the minimum amount required to be a client of Yodelar Investments?

Yodelar Investments have a minimum requirement/threshold of £150,000 or per client (we regard a couple as the one client).

Are there any exit penalties should I wish to leave Yodelar Investments?

There are no exit penalties should you wish to terminate our services. 

What differentiates Yodelar Investments from other firms?

We are very focused on understanding which fund managers out of 3,000 plus retail investment funds perform well within their relevant sectors.


Our investment committee use our research as a first filter to identify which fund managers are competent within their particular sector.


We use this information to build, maintain and monitor our client portfolios and we report to clients regularly showing them factually how each of their funds rank within their particular sectors.