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Top Performing Fund Reports

Identify the top performing funds in each investment sector. Filter according to fund manager, and highlight the top and poor performing funds of your existing or new potential fund managers.

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  • Detailed Fund Rating Filter
  • Fund Performance Analysis (1,3 & 5 yrs)
  • Fund Sector Comparison

Updated Monthly Reports

Every month we analyse over 70,000 investment funds and identify the top performing fund in each sector, universe and geographical area. Subscribe to Yodelar and access this information in your personal dashboard as well as your monthly copy of the Yodelar Investor Magazine

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  • Details 1,3 & 5 yr Performance of each fund
  • Fund Ranking of each fund within sector
  • 1-5 star performance rating applied to each

Analyse Your Own Funds

Keep a regular eye on your funds. Identify if you are invested in top, mediocre or poor performing funds. All funds are ranked based on performance data and compared to all other same sector funds. Add your funds and receive an instant fund rating on each fund.

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  • Detailed Fund rating (1-5 star)
  • Overall Portfolio Analysis (1,3 & 5 yrs)
  • Top Portfolio Comparison

“The top fund filter is really easy to use, and one of a kind - I am now much more confident as an investor” Ms Popelier (Chelsea, London)

We analyse over 70,000 investment funds every month and compare each against all other same sector funds. We then rate each fund between 1 and 5 stars based on their performance history, Register today and access this information instantly.

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