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Welcome to Yodelar Investments, our fully regulated independent and whole of market advice service. We use the most efficient funds and fund managers to help maximise our client investment returns, and this can be reflected in the performance table below. Each client portfolio is composed of funds that have proven their ability to deliver top performance on a consistent basis within their relevant sectors.

As a fully regulated advice firm, we understand that clients want to invest efficiently, and in normal times our risk based portfolios deliver just that. However during the coronavirus pandemic, our Investment Committee have recommended that most new and existing clients invest in our SafeGuard™ portfolio for the purpose of capital protection. Once consumer confidence restores, we will advice clients to move into our risk based portfolios as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your interest in Yodelar Investments and please feel free to make contact with our team.

Roy Devine Chairman
Yodelar Investments Limited
YIL performance 25-05-20
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“We continue to receive an exceptional service from Yodelar Investments, one which is educational, productive and measurable. “Mr Paul Freeman (York)

Before we give potential clients advice we will first analyse their existing investment and pension funds. This is a completely complimentary service. The purpose of this is so investors understand exactly how efficient or inefficient they have been investing to date. Most investors find that they are invested in poor-performing funds. When investors identify they are invested in poor-performing funds, they understand the value in our advice service.

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To see the value in Yodelar we offer each user a free initial portfolio analysis without any obligation to subscribe. Get started today & upload your portfolio for free.

Get the advice you need to meet your life and financial objectives

Work with the Yodelar Investments team to invest efficiently and build a plan for your present and future life.

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An Advice Service That Turns Clients into knowledgeable investors

Fund Research

The first thing we do is to show clients how we research and evaluate investments funds. Most advice firms in the UK do not research the most productive funds. This is a constant process at Yodelar Investments, and one we share with our clients,

Sector Research

The difference in top poor performing funds and poor or average performing funds in each sector is huge. Our research team continually evaluate which funds and fund managers produce the best results within their relevant sectors.

Portfolio Analysis

We regularly provide our clients with a portfolio analysis showing them where each fund they are invested in ranks within their particular sector. Through factual information, we make our clients aware that they are investing as efficiently as possible.

Asset Allocation

We continue to review the asset allocation of our clients' portfolios to ensure they are invested in a manner suitable to their risk profile. The asset allocation of our portfolios are reassessed on a quarterly basis, and clients are updated accordingly.

Risk Profiling

As your needs and objectives change so will your attitude and appetite for risk. We complete a survey with clients on a regular basis to ensure they are still invested in a manner to suit their attitude to risk.


Our team will regularly make changes to your investment and pension portfolio to ensure you are invested in line with your agreed risk profile and associated asset allocation model.

Cash Flow Planning

We will work with you to build and implement a financial plan that will ensure you reach your financial objectives. Based on annual growth we will review and update your cash flow plan, based on performance.

Ongoing Review

Our team will provide you with a complete review on an annual basis, we will identify new objectives, changes to situations and map the relevant needs and wants into your financial plan and cash flow model.


We will communicate with you on a regular basis about the success of your portfolio in relation to the needs and objectives highlighted in your financial plan. We will provide you with friendly and efficient customer service.

The Most Efficient Advice Process

Assess Your Existing Investments

We will analyse the performance and charges of all your existing investment and pension arrangements & identify the factual ranking of your funds within their various sectors. We will analyse charges, return on investment and compare your portfolio to a top performing portfolio suitable to your risk profile.

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  • Detailed Fund rating (1-5 star)
  • Overall Portfolio Analysis (1,3 & 5 yrs)
  • Top Portfolio Comparison

Identify Your Financial Objectives

Identify your financial objectives pre and post-retirement. What is your expenditure & income requirements now and in the future? What is the most efficient way to realise your income from your investments? Are their special circumstances that need to be taken into account? Having clarity around future requirements will allow us to build a plan to meet your needs efficiently.

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  • Pre & Post retirement income requirements
  • Future one off financial requirements
  • State pension, future cost of living, family inheritance.

Receive a Recommendation Report

Our team will analyse your existing circumstances, future needs and objectives, and attitude to risk. They will build and provide a financial plan recommendation report and cash flow model to meet your specific financial objectives. This will include details of the underlying funds recommended.

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  • Detailed analysis of your existing investments
  • Includes fund recommendations and transparent charges
  • Includes tax planning & efficiencies

Continuous Portfolio Assessment

Through our centralised investment process, we continually assess the funds within our client's portfolios to ensure they are maximising the opportunity for growth within the parameters of their risk profile. We only include funds & fund managers within our client portfolios that are able to demonstrate a consistent top quartile (top 25%) sector ranking.

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  • 70,000 funds analysed every month
  • Portfolio funds monitored on a regular basis
  • Fund Switch policy implemented when suitable

Our Efficient Ongoing Service Model

To ensure your portfolio and underlying assets continue to match your risk profile the team will reassess your risk every 6 months and rebalance the funds within your portfolio, Every year you will also receive a complete and full annual review.

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  • Regular fund performance reviews
  • Regular risk assessment & rebalancing.
  • Full financial planning review annually

Yodelar Investment Services

With quality advice, you can Invest in funds that consistently rank in the top 25% of their sector, Discuss your needs with our expert advice team and receive a complete recommendation report.

Get Started **Yodelar Investments are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority**
  • Receive a no obligation investment and pension review
  • Receive a complete recommendation report
  • Receive a detailed pre and post-retirement cash flow plan