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Grade Your Portfolio
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Portfolio Analysis

Analyse the performance and ranking of your own funds, and identify if you are using the best performing funds available.

Fund Research
Use our fund filters to identify which funds consistently perform the best within their sector and access the latest ratings of over 70,000 funds.
Manager Analysis
Analyse specific fund managers or brands, identify their best and worst performing funds. Quickly assess their entire list of funds.

Important Information - The value of investments referred to on this website can go down as well as up and you may lose some or all the capital you invest. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. The information on this website is not a personal recommendation. If you are in doubt about any investment, you should consult a FCA-authorised investment firm such as Yodelar Investments. Click here to book a no obligation call with our regulated advice team.

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Find out why 40,000 Investors Use Investor Hub

Investor hub is an independent fund research platform for high net worth investors that want to ensure they are investing in consistently top quartile funds. Identify the leading funds and fund managers that consistently perform well.

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Features of Investor Hub™

Ensure you are investing efficiently with the best information:

  • Portfolio analysis feature: regularly grade your portfolio and assess fund performance.
  • Top funds filter: analyse 70,000 funds and identify the top performing in each sector.
  • Fund manager league table: identify which fund brands offer the best performing funds.
  • Yodelar investor magazine: top fund reports, league tables, fund manager reviews and more.
  • Fund search and filter: search ETF’s, Unit Trusts, Investment Trusts and assess performance.
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Frequently Asked Questions

As a self investor how can Investor hub help me?

Investor hub is an independent fund research platform for investors who want to ensure they are investing in consistently top quartile funds.


Its investor focused features will allow you to independently monitor your portfolio performance, assess fund managers and identify the best performing funds and fund managers. For investors who manage their own investments, investor hub is a unique resource that provides a comprehensive performance overview and assists investors in making decisions based on facts.

I have an adviser who manages my Portfolio. Is Investor Hub relevant to me?

Yes, Investor Hub adds an additional layer of protection by allowing you to assess the quality of the funds they have been advised to invest in. You will be able to assess the quality of the portfolio you are have been advised in, and hold your adviser accountable on quality.

Can I filter funds based on sectors or providers?

Yes, there are numerous filters on Investor hub that allow users to tailor the results they see. With the ‘Advanced Fund Search’ function you can define the results based on sector, fund management group, fund type i.e pension funds, unit trust funds etc. Also, the top funds filter allows you to filter funds based on their overall star rating. Should you wish to view 4 & 5 start funds only in one sector, you can filter accordingly.

How can Investor Hub help me compare fund managers?

In addition to our fund manager research feature InvestorHub also contains our ‘Manager League Table’ which helps to identify which fund managers have consistently outperformed their competitors. The manager league table lists fund management firms from 1st to last based on the proportion of funds under their management that have consistently outperformed their peers and received a 4 and 5 star performance rating.


* Find out which fund management brand has the most top performing funds under their management


*Identify the fund management brands with the highest proportion of underperforming funds under their management


* View the ranking of each fund manager based on the performance of their funds
Can I add more than one portfolio to Investor Hub?

The portfolio analysis feature of Investor Hub is set up for one portfolio. But we do not limit the number of accounts users can have and for each account a 7 day free trial would apply.

What is the cost of Investor Hub?

Chat with our online team, or book a call with our client services team to discuss your options. We have different levels of service available and we also offer a number of free services you may wish to avail of.