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Providing investors with the most transparant information available to make informative choices.

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  • 1. Search & add funds

    Search and add funds and their amount to your portfolio.

  • 2. Assign a risk profile

    Select a suitable risk profile to compare your funds to.

  • 3. Fund Ranking Analysis

    Get an instant 1-5 star ranking on each fund you are invested in.

  • 4. Benchmark Analysis

    Compare your performance against a top performing portfolio.

  • 5. Portfolio Performance

    Find out what % of funds is invested in top or poor funds.


Click on the button below to download a sample portfolio analysis, demonstrating what will be included in your specific portfolio analysis.


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Add your existing investment funds and Instantly compare your portfolio to a portfolio of top performing funds that suits your risk profile.


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January 2018

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Each monthly edition includes up-to-date top funds reports, top performing portfolio reports, fund manager reviews, articles and league tables.


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  • Top Performing Portfolios

    Access our model portfolios, consisting of top performing funds.

  • Pension Funds

    Acess info on the consistently top performing pension funds.

  • ISA & Unit Trust Funds

    Access the top performing ISA & unit trust funds in each sector.

  • Investment Trusts

    Access the top performing IT Funds according to investment sector.

  • ETF’s

    Identify the top performing ETF’s according to sector.

Find out which fund manager manages the most top-performing investment funds.

Download your complimentary copy of the fund manager league table

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Latest Review

St James Place Review

We analysed 160 St James Place Investment funds and found 75% of them to be poor performing 1-star funds.


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Every monthly we analyse over 100 fund managers comparing their entire collection of funds, against all other same sector funds. Register today and access all recent fund manager reviews.

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  • Ready Made Portfolio’s

    Ready made portfolios, made using the best performing funds.

  • SIPPs

    Analyse your pension of SIPP funds and identify how your funds rate

  • Stocks & Shares ISA

    Access our top fund reports and identify the top ISA funds.

  • Junior ISA

    Access the best fund information for your childens Junior ISA

  • Investment Account

    Be an informed investor, Register today and invest with confidence.

Download our recent performance report and compare your portfolio performance to our 6 risk based portfolios

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Instantly compare your portfolio to a Yodelar portfolio that suits your risk profile. Analyse the sector rankings of your funds, and idetify performance differences.

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  • Investment Compliance

    Our Trustee Advisory Service ensures Charities & Trustee’s adhere to the Trustee Act 2000.

  • Policy Statement & Guidance

    Create a ‘Policy Statement & Guidance’ document with Yodelar’s Trustee Advisory Service

  • Trust & Trustee Audit

    Adhere to the legal requirements. Document your audit annually with Yodelar’s Trustee Advisory Service.

  • Portfolio Analysis

    Trustee’s receive regular portfolio analysis adhering to the Trust’s Policy Statement

  • Professional Advisers

    Use our panel of top financial advisers to maintain your Trust Policy Statement & Guidance

With more trustee’s facing legal action than before it is imperative Trustee’s adhere to the Trustee Act. Download our Trustee Advisory Service Brochure and find out how we can help.

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Free Assessment

If you are a trustee or a board member of a charity, discuss your circumstances with a member of the support team. We will help you assess your Policy Statement & Guidance Policy at no cost

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  • Portfolio Analysis On the Go!

    Show new clients how you can improve their portfolio. Analyse new client portfolio’s on the move with Yodelar ‘Portfolio Analysis.

  • Fund Information On The Go!

    Acess fund performance and ranking information on the go with the Yodelar mobile App.

  • Up-to-date Top Fund Reports
  • Monthly Magazine

Potential new clients invested in poor performing funds?

Generate them a Yodelar analysis and demonstrate how you could be a more effective adviser

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Join 1000’s of professional advisers who use the Yodelar app to analyse new clients portfolios when on the move.


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Portfolio Review

Get an instant performance and rating review of your existing investment, ISA & pension funds
Fund Search

Fund Search

Use our fund search tool to evaluate the performance history and sector ranking of any fund

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best performing funds

Yodelar Insights

10 Top Performing Active Funds

Investors seem to be voting with their feet. The scale of the recent shift of money from actively managed funds into those that track market indices has...

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Yodelar Investor Magazine - April 2018 Edition

The latest edition of the Yodelar Investor magazine is now available to all subscribers.

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St James's Place 2018 Review

Our recent independent analysis of St James's Place found 87.5% of SJP funds were ranked in the worst 25% of funds when compared to all other same sector...

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Try Yodelar for only £1 and get an instant performance review of your investments and gain access to our Top performing fund lists and model portfolios
Use our fund search tool to discover the performance and ranking of ANY fund and Keep informed with our monthly investor magazine
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