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Smart, Sustainable & Ethical Investing

Low cost, ESG investing without compromise

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As evolving environmental and sustainability legislation impacts industries, the investors who integrate ESG themes into their investment plan could improve longterm returns.
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Personal Values
Smart ESG themed investing can help investors improve their longterm portfolio performance and align their investments with their ethical, religious or political beliefs.
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Positive Impact

The urgent need to address climate change is forcing many industries to adopt more sustainable processes, which has improved the quality of ESG options now available.

Important Information - The value of investments referred to on this website can go down as well as up and you may lose some or all the capital you invest. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. The information on this website is not a personal recommendation. If you are in doubt about any investment, you should consult a FCA-authorised investment firm such as Yodelar Investments. Click here to book a no obligation call with our regulated advice team.

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Investing In A More Sustainable Future


Our ESG portfolios are globally diversified and utilise a wide scope of sectors to optimise growth opportunities. But at their core is an unwavering strategy of investing only in funds that meet defined environmental, social & governance requirements.


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Why ESG Investing Is Sensible Investing


Since the COVID-19 pandemic, ESG has become even more important, highlighting the need not only to do well by society, but also a way to mitigate risk in the long term.


Focus on climate change, equality and more ethical corporate governance has prompted a need for change that will impact most industries and global sectors. It is an opportunity for proactive and fast acting organisations who have implemented ESG practices to strengthen their market share and provides exciting growth opportunities for ethical investors that up until recently has been restricted.


Merging ESG practices with a focus on growth Yodelar Investments have launched a range of 9 fully managed, risk rated portfolios that are designed to deliver long-term growth.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the charges for investing in a Yodelar ESG portfolio?

The total annual cost of investing in Yodelar ESG portfolio can vary depending on which portfolio(s) you invest in. However, the average total annual charge is 1.43%. This includes portfolio charges, platform charges as well as ongoing management charges.

What type of funds do Yodelar select for their ESG portfolios?

For our ESG portfolios we will only every consider a fund that has an A+  MSCI ESG rating.There are over 53,000 funds and ETFs that have been provided with an MSCI ESG rating. Each rating is calculated based on the measurement of over 30 core ESG principles.


In conjunction with ensuring our portfolios maintain high ESG standards, we assess each funds quality using defined performance related metrics, filtering out approximately 10% of funds that have consistently outperformed their competitors. From this small selection of funds our investment committee will then chose the most appropriate to include in our ESG portfolios.

What is the minimum amount required to be a client of Yodelar Investments?

Yodelar Investments have a minimum requirement/threshold of £150,000 or per client.

What differentiates Yodelar's ESG portfolios from those of other firms?

We are completely independent, which means we have no commercial relationships with any fund management brand. This allows us to consider the whole market to identify the most suitable fund managers and funds for our portfolios.


We are very focused on understanding which fund managers out of plus retail investment funds perform well within their sectors. Our investment committee use our research as a first filter to identify which fund managers are competent within their particular sector. We use this information to build, maintain and monitor our client portfolios.