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“Yodelar provide the most transparent investment reports I have come across as a long-term investor” Mr Freeman (York)

We analyse over 70,000 investment funds every month and compare each against all other same sector funds. We rate each fund between 1 and 5 stars based on performance criteria and performance consistency over 1, 3 & 5 year time periods. 5 Star rated funds consistently outperform more than 75% of funds within their allocated investment sector.

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“Thank you Yodelar. I am grateful for all the information and help” Mr & Mrs Bratherton (Poole)

Through Yodelar Mr & Mrs Bratherton identified that they were invested in funds that consistently performed lower than 75% of other same sector funds. After going through our free analysis, they were confident they could be doing much more to grow their investments more efficiently. Investors that use our services become better informed.

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“Yodelar assessed my portfolio, identified I was invested in poor performing funds. My new investment adviser is excellent. Mr Telford (Leeds)

We analyse 100’s of new investment portfolios every week and find a significant proportion are using the worst performing funds in their relevant sector. Our system helps investors understand if they (or their adviser) have the necessary information to make justified fund selection. 


“Yodelar’s example portfolios are an excellent way of training the eye on what to look for. An excellent service overall” Mr Palister (Devon)

Our portfolios demonstrate how you can achieve much more effective returns as an investor if you educate yourself to understand which funds are poor performing and which fund managers are consistently top performing within their relevant investment sector.