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61% of investment portfolios deliver below average returns, with portfolios from the most popular risk category averaging 5-year growth that was almost 25% lower than the industry average.


These startling figures were obtained from an extensive performance analysis of more than 3,000 funds, their sectors, asset classes and 5 industry recognised asset allocation models. 


In this report, we feature the average performance of portfolios within each risk category, the estimated returns investors should have averaged and how much growth they could have achieved from a top-performing portfolio.


We also look at why most investment portfolios are underperforming, and how investors or their advisers can identify deficiencies and maximise their portfolio performance.


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  • The 1, 3 & 5-year growth investor should have averaged with their portfolios
  • The 1, 3 & 5-year growth UK Investors actually averaged.
  • The growth investors could have achieved by investing in top performing funds.


Selecting efficient, top quality Global funds can be more difficult for investors. Indeed, 62% of investment funds within the Global sector continually underperform, and only a small proportion of Global funds have managed to consistently maintain a top quartile performance rating.


In this report, we analysed the performance of all 320 funds within the IA Global sector and feature 10 funds, that have consistently outperformed their competitors and represent some of the most attractive Global investment opportunities.


Investment trusts were relatively unheard of several years ago but as their reputation for delivering high returns grew, so too did their popularity. In just 10 years the total assets managed by Investment Trusts has more than doubled to £200 billion.


There are 399 Investment Trusts to choose from and to provide some clarity as to what investment trusts have performed the best, we have broken down a list of 10 that have returned exceptional growth over the past five years and have consistently been among the top performing trusts in their sectors.


Aberdeen Standard Investments, manages £505.1 billion of client assets, making it the largest active manager in the UK and one of the largest in Europe.


To assess their fund performance we analysed 109 Aberdeen Standard unit trust and OEIC funds as well as their 20 Investment trusts over the recent 1, 3 & 5 years and rated each fund based on how they performed in comparison to all other competing same sector funds. In this analysis, we identify how the majority of their funds continue to be plagued by poor performance.

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