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With upfront charges of 5% on their range of unit trust and OEIC funds, 6% on their pension products, and ongoing costs that can reach 2.5%, St. James’s Place is one of the most expensive wealth management firms in the UK. But as 79% of their unit trust funds and 61% of their pension funds performed worse than at least half of their peers over the past five years, are they worth the high price? 


In this report, we provide an updated analysis on the 1, 3 & 5-year performance and sector ranking for 154 SJP funds from their range of unit trust, pension, life and offshore funds, and we look at how each of their 9-unit trust portfolios have fared over the same period.


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  • The performance & sector ranking for 154 SJP funds
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  • Features on the cost of leaving SJP and how their products can keep their clients locked in


St. James’s Place has continually faced questions over their exit fees that can prove costly to those who wish to move away from SJP products. SJPs restrictive policies can also mean those with a Trust administered by SJP, are unable to leave this trust without incurring a taxable event that could cost the beneficiary as much as 40% of the value of the assets in their trust. 

What implications do these exit charges have for our investments and why can moving a trust out of SJP products cause a fallout that can have significant financial consequences?


At the beginning of the year, Hargreaves Lansdown launched their revamped recommended funds list. Called the Wealth 50, it features 63 funds that are described by Hargreaves Lansdown as a shortlist of their experts’ favourite funds. It replaces both the influential and often maligned Wealth 150 and Wealth 150 plus lists. In this report, we reviewed the performance and sector ranking for the 63 funds that are featured in Hargreaves Lansdown’s rebranded Wealth 50 list and found that some of the funds have been among the worst performers in their sectors.


Hargreaves Lansdown has made use of their vast online authority with investors by diversifying their business model to put greater emphasis on fund management. But how well have their funds performed and how do they compare to their rivals? In this report, we identify how 7 of their 10 funds performed below the sector average for the past 12 months and from their 4 funds with 5-year history 2 returned growth that was worse than at least 50% of their peers.

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