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Grade Your Portfolio

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Start with a free portfolio analysis

Are you invested in the best funds? Set up a free account with Yodelar and get a free performance analysis on your current pension or investment portfolio the very same day. We will quickly ascertain if you need our help!

Whats Included?

Get an overall portfolio grade based on the efficiency of your portfolio
Identify the performance & ranking of each fund you are invested in over last 1,3 & 5 year periods
Identify what % of your money is invested in 1 to 5 star funds
Establish the ranking of each fund in their specific sector

We will also compare the performance of your portfolio over the last 1,3 & 5 years against a Yodelar portfolio of similar risk category. This will show how more/less efficient your portfolio is, and whether you require advice from our regulated advice team

Join 60,000 UK investors that use our research

Get access every month to the UK's best fund research absolutely free. Every month we publish our top funds report, fund manager league table and the UK's favourite investor magazine with 100 pages of fund analysis, performance data and more.

Fund Manager League Table

Every month we analyse and rank over 100 fund managers including SJP, Aviva, L&G, Schroder, Fidelity and more. Register today for your monthly copy.

Top Performing Funds Report

Register today receive a monthly up to date performance analysis of each investment fund. Each fund ranked and compared to all other same sector funds.

Monthly Investor Magazine

Includes 100 +pages, of detailed performance analysis of over 3,000 funds across 100 sectors, articles, reviews, fund manager analysis and much more.

Book a no obligation call with our advice team

Want to understand what we do different to ensure our clients invest efficiently using the better performing fund managers. Choose a time slot that suits you below and book a no obligation 45 min presentation and get the answers to all your questions


Our clients are protected

As a regulated advice firm our clients are protected under the regulation of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Clients are also protected up to £85,000 per provider under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. If you have invested more than £85,000 with any one investment provider your funds could be at risk. Talk to our team today!

Get instant access to the best fund research

Register your details with Yodelar today, and get 7 days free access to our Investor Hub fund research platform. Get instant performance analysis on 80,000 investment funds and over 100 fund managers

Select a fund manager and get an instant analysis on all their funds
Search and compare over 88,000 funds and their variants.
Filter funds by star rating, sector, brand and fund manager
Add your funds and get an instant portfolio analysis

Read some of our popular articles and reviews

Every year we analyse over 100 fund managers and their funds. We share this information with our clients who know we are doing the necessary research to ensure they are invested efficiently

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Optimise your investments and invest efficiently

Let us show you how we will optimise your investments and help you invest your wealth efficiently. Its not rocket science, it just requires effort.