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“This free report told me 65% of my funds were in worst 25%.”

(Krish Singh)

“Happy - only 1 fund to sort out. useful exercise.”

(Jeff Cosford)

“I wish this type of information was available years ago.”

(Margaret Cornish)

Get Your 1st Portfolio Analysis On Us !

Get your first portfolio analysis for free - no strings attached. Our research team carry out free portfolio analysis’ for 100’s of new investors every week. Why? - Our success is based on investors knowing how efficient (or not) their portfolio really is.


Upload a screenshot, or spreadsheet detailing your current investment funds using the form above. The information you send need only include the fund names and the approximate value invested in each fund - we will do the rest! Our team will respond with your detailed portfolio analysis within 48 hours.

“Every investor should make use of Yodelar’s free portfolio analysis. The information contained within is factual and great!” Bob McCune (Edinburgh)

Mr McCune previously received advice from an Independent Financial Adviser. Two years before finding Yodelar his adviser joined a large tied financial advice organisation - since then Bob had been concerned about his investments. Yodelar identified over 60% of his money was invested in 1-2 star rated funds. We referred Bob to a high quality, research-driven, Independent Financial Advice firm. Bob continues to subscribe to Yodelar, and enjoys reviewing his funds and reading our monthly magazine.

To help investors see the value in Yodelar we offer each user a free initial portfolio analysis without any obligation to subscribe. Get started today & upload your portfolio for free and get a comprehensive performance analysis of your overall investment, ISA, or pension portfolio.