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The Best Funds Report

Topic: Best Performing Funds 13 October 2020

Download the latest Top Funds Report prepared by the Yodelar research team. A detailed analysis of 3,000 unit trust and OEIC funds highlighting the fund managers that have outperformed other same sector funds.

Download The Best Funds Report

The latest best funds report highlights 575 funds from across 38 different Investment Association sectors. These funds were selected from a performance analysis of 3,123 sector classified funds, each of which was graded between 1 and 5 stars based on their comparative performance alongside their sector peers over the past 1, 3 & 5 years.


The Importance of Fund Performance

Fund performance is a critical metric that efficient investors and high-quality advice firms analyse to help ensure their portfolios productively meet objectives while utilising fund managers that have demonstrated consistency in delivering efficient returns. 

Past performance is not an indicator of future returns, but when asked, investors would prefer to invest with fund managers that consistently perform well over varying time frames. This report highlights the various fund managers that have consistently performed better than 75% of same sector funds managers.

Comparative Performance

Each fund’s performance can be compared to all competing funds that are classified within the same sector. How each fund ranks over multiple time frames can identify the quality of the fund and the competence of the fund manager.

Fund manager accountability

Past performance exposes the effectiveness of funds and their fund managers. The funds that consistently rank highly in their sectors can reflect a level of expertise, whereas fund managers whose funds continually rank lowly within their sector have demonstrated a lack of quality and an inability to deliver competitive returns for investors. Past performance is not an indicator of future returns, but it is important information that holds fund managers accountable for their performance.


A cycle of 1, 3 & 5-years exposes investments to different economic and political challenges. How a fund and fund manager performs over multiple cycles reflects on their capabilities and overall quality.


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Key Findings

*   With 20 of their funds featured in our best funds report, Baillie Gifford has the largest range of top performing funds out of any other fund manager in the UK. Also, the 3 highest growth funds over the past year were Baillie Gifford funds.

*   Other fund management brands with the largest proportion of their funds featuring in this report are Liontrust, particularly with their range of Sustainable Future funds, as well as Royal London and Vanguard.

*   Notably, some of the UK’s largest and most prominent fund management brands are among those whose funds feature the least.

*   Only 3 of the 41 St. James’s Place unit trust funds made it into our best funds report and none of Hargreaves Lansdown’s funds managed to make the cut.

*   The Technology & Telecommunications sector has the highest average growth figures over the past 1, 3 & 5 years.

*   The UK Equity Income sector was the worst performing over the past 12 months with funds in this sector averaging losses of -11.08% over the past year.


Does Your Portfolio Contain Top Performing Funds?

Inefficient investing will undoubtedly have adverse long-term consequences. It is so important to distinguish the funds and fund managers who outperform their peers in order to ensure your portfolio is made up of high-quality funds.

Our free portfolio review service has helped thousands of investors identify areas for improvement and provide complete clarity as to the quality of advice they have received.

Our portfolio review service will provide an independent analysis of your portfolio and identify:

  • If your portfolio contains top, mediocre or poor performing funds
  • How your portfolio growth compares to a similar risk portfolio of top-performing funds
  • Potential areas for improvement
  • The overall quality rating of your portfolio

Our portfolio analysis feature provides a clear insight into how each of your individual funds is performing while grading your portfolio based on its overall performance - making it easy to identify weak points or areas for potential improvement.

Upload your portfolio for a comprehensive portfolio review and find out how competitive the performance of your portfolio has been and if the advice you have received to date has been up to par.

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