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Top Performing ISA Funds 2017

Topic: Best Performing Funds 2 February 2017


With the ISA deadline for 2017 fast approaching, many UK investors are searching through the endless number of options they have to invest their ISA allowance wisely. 

To help make this process easier, within this post and attached download we list the 10 of the best ISA funds.

Each ISA fund listed has consistently maintained top performance by outperforming at least 75% of all other competing funds, within their respective sectors, over the most recent 5-year period.

In compiling this report we analysed the performance and ranking of over 2300 ISA eligible unit trust funds over the 1, 3 & 5 year period up to 1st February 2017. From this analysis we identified that only 150 of these funds have been able to consistently maintain top quartile sector performance. Below we list 10 of the Top performing ISA funds.

(Please note: the list of 10 top performing ISA funds are not listed in any particular order) 

  1. HSBC Global Strategy Dynamic Portfolio

Since its launch in November 2011, the HSBC Global Strategy Dynamic Portfolio fund has been one of the most impressive funds in its sector. This fund sits within the UT Mixed Investment 40%-85% Shares sector with 209 other funds that have at least 5-years performance history.

With recent 5-year growth of 70.16%, this fund ranks among the top 2% of performers within its sector.

  1. Standard Life Investments UK Equity Recovery 

This funds primary objective is to provide long-term capital growth by investing in UK equities. The fund itself sits within the UK All Companies sector and since its launch in May 2012 this fund has been among the best performers in the entire sector. Over the recent 5-year period this fund ranked 5th out of 250 funds with impressive growth of 127.46%. To highlight how impressive this performance was the Scottish Widows UK Select Growth fund, which was the lowest ranked fund in the sector, returned growth of 16.13% over the same time period.

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  1. FP CRUX European Special Situations

The FP Crux European Special Situations fund is another ISA eligible fund that has impressed. This fund has consistently maintained top quartile ranking within the UT Europe Excluding UK sector over the recent 5-year period with growth of 103.98%. 

  1. Baillie Gifford Corporate Bond

Sitting within the low volatile Sterling Strategic Bond sector, the Baillie Gifford Corporate Bond fund has excelled over the recent several years. This fund currently holds £576 million of investor money and when analysed alongside all 58 other funds in its sector with at least 5 years history it ranked 5th with growth of 44.4%.

  1. Wise Investments TB Wise Income 

Although they established in 1992, Wise investments are relatively unknown among many consumer investors. They have a small range of funds on offer but their TB Wise Income fund has been stellar in its sector over the recent 5-year period. Sitting within the UT Flexible Investment sector this fund has delivered growth of 94.01% ranking 4th out of 161 funds.

  1. Invesco Perpetual Asian

The Invesco Perpetual Asian fund invests primarily in shares of companies within Asia and Australasia (excluding Japan) and sits within the more volatile Asia Pacific Excluding Japan sector. This fund has been the best performing fund in its sector over the recent 12 months and over 5 years it has outperformed 92% of competing funds. Despite the higher risk associated with investing in funds within the Asia Pacific Excluding Japan sector, the Invesco Perpetual Asian fund has proven to date that it can deliver top performance.

  1. F&C UK Equity Linked Inflation

The F&C UK Equity Linked Inflation fund primarily invests in over-5 year index linked gilts and deposits. It is classified within the Specialist sector and unlike the vast majority of competing funds it has consistently delivered highly competitive returns outperforming the sector average. Over the recent 5 years this fund ranked 10th out of 91 funds with growth of 95.62%.

  1. Newton Long Gilt

The objective of this Fund is to maximise returns through investment in securities issued or guaranteed by the UK Government or the Governments of foreign countries or corporate bodies. This fund has consistently been one of the best performing funds in the UK Gilts sector over the recent 5-year period, outperforming at least 92% of competing same sector funds.

  1. Insight UK Index Linked Bond

Investing principally in sterling denominated index linked securities, the Insight UK Index Linked Bond is another stellar performing fund. It’s 1-year growth of 20.56%, 3 year growth of 49.71% and 5 year growth of 55.09% has been the best in its sector and serves to prove the quality of this funds fund manager David Hooker. 

  1. Jupiter Global Emerging Markets

The Jupiter Global Emerging Markets fund was the only ISA Eligible fund in the UT Global Emerging Markets sector to have achieved consistent top quartile sector performance over the recent 1, 3 & 5 year periods. This fund returned growth of 49.87% over the recent 5-year period, which was greater than that of 90% of funds in the same sector. 

The 10 funds listed above are factually among the best performers within their sectors changing market conditions can impact the success of these funds in the future.  

Access the full 10 best ISA Funds report and view the performance and ranking of each fund and find out how they performed in comparison to their sector average. 

Access all ISA Top Fund Reports and more here >>

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