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8 Reasons To Invest With Yodelar

Topic: Investor Insights 6 May 2022

8 Reasons To Invest With Yodelar

Below we detail 8 reasons why you should consider investing with Yodelar.

    1. 1. We Help You Invest In Top Funds

    Our full advice service is available to ensure you invest efficiently. We define a good fund as one that consistently performs better than 75% of same sector funds.

    Consistency displayed by investment funds that maintain a high sector ranking over continuous periods of time reflect efficiency and expertise from the fund manager through their ability to deliver competitive returns for their clients.

    Past performance is not a guarantee of future returns, but it exposes the effectiveness of funds and fund managers.

  1. The funds that consistently rank highly in their sectors can reflect a level of expertise from the manager within that investment sector. Whereas, the fund managers whose funds continually rank low within their sector have demonstrated a lack of quality and an inability to deliver competitive returns for investors. It is important to hold fund managers accountable for their performance.

  3. 2. 9/10 Investors Invest In Poor Funds

9 out of 10 investors are invested poorly - In 2018 Yodelar set up with the primary mission to educate investors about fund performance. Most investors are unaware they are invested in poor performing funds. 


  1. 3. We Continually Assess Your Investments

Yodelar is one of the only companies in the UK that report to clients on the ranking of the funds we advise them to invest in.

The performance of your investments will have a huge bearing on your financial objectives and retirement goals. While regulation exists to ensure consumers are treated fairly there is no regulation to ensure you are advised to invest efficiently. 

At Yodelar, we build our portfolios to contain funds that have a history of consistent top performance in their sectors and we balance these funds within an asset allocation model suitable to different risk profiles and investor objectives. By doing this we have covered the 2 main aspects of building and maintaining an efficient portfolio.



Get Portfolio Analysis


4. Free Portfolio Analysis

Over 90% of investors that use our free fund analysis service have funds that are consistently in the worst 25% of their sector. 

Your portfolio performance can only be really assessed by comparing its growth to that of a similar risk portfolio that consists of consistently top-performing funds.

The reality is that the vast majority of investors could achieve greater growth from their investments, without increasing risk, by getting quality advice to invest in funds that have proven their quality consistently over different time periods. Our portfolio analysis feature will clearly identify how efficient your portfolio has performed.

Yodelar is the only provider of a portfolio analysis service in the UK that enables investors to clearly see how their portfolios have performed free of charge and with no obligation to become a client. This unique feature provides measurable ratings that make it possible for investors to identify, with complete transparency, how good or bad their fund choices have been and whether or not their overall portfolio has been up to par. 

Benefits Include:

  • Identify the performance of each fund you are invested in
  • Where each fund ranks within their sectors for performance over 1, 3 & 5 years
  • Yodelar performance rating for each fund between 1 and 5 stars
  • The proportion of your portfolio that is invested top, mediocre or poor performing funds
  • Portfolio growth comparison with model portfolios that are built to a set asset allocation model and contain consistently top ranking funds.
  • The monetary difference in growth over 1, 3 & 5 years between your portfolio and a similar risk model portfolio
  • How your portfolio growth compares to a similar risk portfolio of top-performing funds
  • Receive an overall performance grade for your portfolio between A and F

5. We Know Who Performs Well

We are the only advice company in the UK to complete our own analysis on 85,000 investment funds and their variants on a monthly basis.

Our research and data driven approach has also enabled us to independently determine, without bias, the best investment funds which we utilise to build our range of growth focused portfolios.

We give a lot of this research away free to consumer investors.


Download Best funds report


6. We Focus On Quality

We use fund managers that perform well and produce results for our clients. The fund managers we select are not interested in meeting the sector average but are focused on excelling in their sector.



7. Transparency & Communication

Investing can be worrying, every quarter we write to clients and confirm the sector ranking position of each fund they are invested in giving them peace of mind.


8. Low Fees & Real Value

In recent years in particular, the cost of investing has become more influential, with some investors looking more at how much they can save in fees rather than focusing on quality investment products that offer the best potential for higher returns. 

Such an approach can prove to be costly with investors often missing out on returns that significantly out way the amount they initially save from investing in low cost portfolios. 

We understand that the real value from investing is not in the short term gain from saving on fees but from the long term value of investing in portfolios that focus on quality. But we also understand the importance of keeping costs as low as possible without sacrificing quality. 

At Yodelar, our investment model is structured to limit business costs in order to ensure our fees are consistently lower than the average for similar advice firms. Our advice fees are lower than 75% of UK firms, and yet we provide our clients with a full advice service that includes a dedicated adviser, a client services contact, annual reviews, 2 bi-annual rebalance reports and a quarterly investor committee updates.


Leading The Way For Investors

The development of our portfolios comes from years of research and analysis that included the consistent assessment of more than 100 fund managers, tens of thousands of funds and more than 30,000 investment portfolios. Our research continues to identify that a small proportion of funds and fund managers consistently delivered top performance, with more than 90% of the portfolios we review containing funds that continually underdeliver. This research has enabled us to identify efficient processes and top-quality investments which we have utilised to create 10 strategically balanced, risk-rated portfolios that are built using only the top funds within each asset class and offer investors phenomenal potential for growth.

Yodelar provides an advice and information service that is changing the way investors think. Book a no obligation call with our team today and find out how we can help you growth your wealth efficiently.



If you would like to discuss your needs contact our customer services team today on 0844 798 1270 for a free and no obligation discussion.

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Important Risk Warning

This article is not personal advice. This article gives information as to past performance of investments. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Always seek personal advice from an FCA regulated adviser. The value of investments will rise and fall, so you could get less that what you put in.


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