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Artemis Fund Review

Topic: Fund Manager Reviews 31 January 2017

A detailed analysis of 26 Artemis investment funds holding more than £18.6 Billion of investors savings.

  • 26 funds reviewed holding a combined £18.6 billion
  • None have consistently maintained top quartile performance
  • 36% of money invested in the 26 funds are held in funds that have underperformed.

Independent and owner managed, Artemis opened for business in 1997 and now manage some £24.6 billion across a range of funds and investments.

Their range of 26 unit trust and OEIC funds account for almost £19 billion of client funds under their management. 

In this Artemis fund performance review we analysed each of their 26 funds for performance and ranking alongside all other competing same sector funds over the 1, 3 & 5 year period up to January 2017. 

This review identifies that none of the unit trust and OEIC funds managed by Artemis have delivered consistent top performance for their investors, with a large proportion of their funds delivering poor performance.

About Our Artemis Fund Performance Review


For our Artemis fund review we analysed all 26 of their unit trust funds. As part of this extensive evaluation process each of the funds was given a ranking that reflects their performance in comparison with other funds operating in the same investment sectors.

We analysed the 1, 3 & 5-year growth returned by each of the 26 Artemis funds and provide the sector ranking of each fund during this period.  

Each fund is also provided with an overall Yodelar rating based on how it consistently performed within its particular sector. This rating takes into account 2 important factors that help to identify the overall quality of each fund. 

  1. The comparative performance of a fund alongside all other competing same sector funds
  2. The consistency of the performance delivered by that fund. Based on the above, each fund with 5-year performance history is rated as either ‘Top’, ‘Mediocre’ or ‘Poor’.


Artemis Fund Performance Summary

Artemis 5 year fund performance summary.png


As highlighted in the above summary tables, none of the funds currently managed by Artemis have delivered consistent top quartile sector performance for their investors. Despite the lack of consistent top performance, 8 of the 26 funds analysed have maintained a performance level over the 1, 3 & 5 year periods analysed that was greater than that of at least 50% of competing same sector funds and currently these funds hold over 53% of the total sums invested within their complete range of unit trust funds. 


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New Artemis Investment Funds

8 of the 26 Artemis funds analysed have less than 5 years performance history, yet despite their relative lack of experience, these funds have amassed over £2 billion of investment. By comparing their most recent 1 year performance to that of competing same sector funds, we can see that these 8 new funds have experienced varying degrees of success.

The ‘Artemis Monthly Distribution’ fund has been the most impressive of the new range of funds launched by Artemis. This fund has consistently performed better than 96% of same sector funds over the course of the recent 3 year period. 

In contrast, the ‘Artemis US Select’ fund has struggled in comparison to its peers since its launch in September 2014. Over the most recent 12 month period, this fund returned 30.82%. In comparison, the top performer within the same sector returned growth of 61.32% during the same period.


Poor Rated Artemis Funds

When carrying out our fund manager performance reviews, we provide a consistent 5 year performance rating to each fund based on their overall performance. 

Top – A fund that consistently ranks within the top 25% of performers it’s respective sector over the recent 1, 3 & 5 year period is rated as consistently top performing. 

Mediocre – A mediocre rating is provided to funds that are unable to maintain consistent top quartile performance over 1, 3 & 5 years but rank higher than at least 50% of competing funds during this period.

Poor – Funds that rank in the bottom 50% of performers within their sector at anytime during the 1, 3 & 5 year periods analysed are ranked as poor.

Although a large proportion of Artemis funds rated as poor in our analysis, none of their funds have consistently underperformed. The ‘Artemis Global Energy’ fund was among the worst performing funds in the Specialist sector over the recent 3 & 5 year periods, but to the credit of John Dodd and Richard Hulf, who manage this fund, it has improved significantly over the recent 1 year period.

However, the ‘Artemis UK Select’ fund has experienced a decline in competitiveness. This fund holds some £516 million of client money and over the recent 12 month period it has been outperformed by 90% of same sector funds.


Overall Assessment of Artemis Investment Funds 

With almost £19 billion invested into their range of unit trust and OEIC funds, Artemis and their funds have proven to be a popular choice among many UK consumer investors. Despite their popularity, our analysis indicates that consistency has been an issue for the majority of their funds, with better performing alternatives currently available to investors. Having said that, there are a proportion of Artemis’ funds that have delivered excellent returns over 5 years and a proportion of their new funds have shown promise.

With this in mind, and despite the fact none of their funds have consistently maintained top quartile performance during the recent 5 year period, Artemis and their funds have still managed to outperform many of their peers.


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