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Fund Manager League Table

Topic: Investor Insights 22 February 2022

Ranking Report Based on The Performance of 176 Fund Management Companies

  • 176 fund managers ranked based on the performance of their funds
  • Over 12,700 funds analysed
  • 9% of funds analysed are consistently top quartile performing
  • More than 50% of fund managers have no top performing funds
  • Less than 11% of client investment is held in consistently top performing funds

UK investors have over £2 trillion invested in 12,756 funds that are managed by 176 fund management brands, and like any industry, some of these fund managers are top performing and some are poor performing.  

With such a large selection of popular investment brands entrusted with our money, we carried out an extensive performance analysis of their funds and compiled a ranking table that provides clarity on the quality of each fund manager. 


Fund Manager League Table

Our fund manager league table gives a positional ranking to 176 fund manager based on the percentage of their unit trust, life and pension funds that have consistently outperformed at least 75% of competing same sector funds over the recent 1, 3 & 5 year periods. 

This independent report was compiled from factual fund performance data and highlights both the small percentage of fund managers who have achieved top performance from their range of funds as well as the fund managers who have struggled for both consistency and performance. 

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51% of fund managers have no consistently top performing funds 

As identified in our fund manager league table, 51% of fund managers do not currently have any funds that have consistently maintained top quartile sector performance. These fund managers hold over £215 billion of client money within their range of funds.

In fact, some of the worst performing fund managers are among the largest and most popular brands in the UK. 


The Best Performing Fund Managers

Our league table highlights a clear lack of consistent top performing investment options for UK Investors, but it also identifies the relatively small proportion of fund managers who have excelled with a selection of their funds consistently outperforming the competition.  

With all or a proportion of the funds managed by the top ranked fund managers achieving top performance, they have proven their expertise within particular investment sectors as well as their ability to provide highly competitive investment options for consumer investors.


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